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Tres Lunas Resort Healing

Having the privilege of operating Tres Lunas Resort for the past few years has led to some interesting observations. The Tres Lunas Resort is many things to many people, but in this writing, we are talking about healing.

It has been our distinct pleasure to note that some of our guests arrive having experienced some event that has been very traumatic for them, and that they have departed from Tres Lunas Resort having healed in some way from it. Perhaps it was a health issue, or a personal loss. We have had guests who suffered a recent loss and others who are working through a more long term problem.

Whatever the problem, our guests often find a bit of healing out here. The Tres Lunas Resort offers the opportunity to quiet the soul, reflect and listen to the quiet. It is during this quiet that we are often able to find the solution or reach a decision or find peace within ourselves. Seeing this healing, the place is one of the many benefits of running the Tres Lunas Resort and one that Kelly and I hold dearly.

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