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La Lavender

August 27, 2012

Summer’s scent of lavender, the calming and therapeutic notes of its perfume make for more than relaxation.  It can be delicious.

Traveling to New Mexico this summer, I took the time to enroll in Los Poblano’s  Lavender Cooking School, which celebrated the Los Ranchos de Albuquerque’s 9th Annual Lavender Festival.  It was intoxicating.  And I’m serious.   I also learned of wine-pairings for lavender recipes and I took that part seriously, which is my job.

Learning so much about lavender, I returned to Texas with a game plan for landscaping with beds and hedges of French lavender (which loves the Hill Country, provided it gets a good, fresh drink rather often) and some outrageous recipes for everything from the much loved Lavender Shortbread Cookies to candied lavender (most excellent on Pork Tenderloin, one of our specialties) to Lavender Lemonade to the embellishment of our already popular white chocolate and lavender truffles with sea salt garnish.  There’s more, but I’ll save that for your next visit.

Writing this, again, from the fields of New Mexico lavender, I have returned here to purchase, wholesale, more of the internationally famous and high quality Los Poblanos lavender body products.  From our tiny retail area at TRES LUNAS to the in-room amenities, this delicate flower that can induce ‘torpor’ will shore your search for much-needed relaxation when you find your way to our door.  And, like all lavender scented products, they make fantastic and deeply memorable hostess gifts.  (Who’s feeding your dog while your taking a weekend off?)

Here’s to hoping that perhaps next Spring and early Summer, you might also find some lavender for cutting in our fields at TRES LUNAS to take home for a sweet smelling memory.

A bientot!