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February 4, 2016


UPDATE: While Kelly doesn’t have Craig’s cast iron invention, she has been practicing making the same lovely sour dough crust pizza! “Sweep the kitchen” is still an option!

This is one of our great, good signatures! Critics gush and, personally? We’re in love with the amazing cast iron invention that Craig, and a close friend, conceived to create the ‘perfecto-mundo’ crispy-thin, yet tangy, sourdough-chewy, crust that caramelizes everything that is added as ingredients on the top. I personally have NEVER had a better pizza, even from the glamorous wood-fired ovens that populate the Wine Country Estates that we find in every direction. We are living with pizza perfection. The favorite? We call it SWEEP THE KITCHEN. It’s never the same twice, but? It’s always, always outrageous. Mid-day al fresco by the pool is best.

$50 for 2, with salad by the pool.* Bring any wines you like. No corkage charge.
*Not offered during Price Fixe Private Dining hours. Call, or ask, for more details.